50 Nations! 50 Speakers! One Big Stage!


“Fuel up with inspiration and unleash the incredible Power Within You!”

What a pleasure to have YOU here today! It is no coincidence that YOU are currently reading About The Speakers’ ARENA!

Our world has become such a wonderful global village and we, of The Speakers’ ARENA, have conciously embraced the huge advantages that come with working across every single continent with an amazing diversity in personalities, skills, talents, and professional backgrounds; thus leading to huge business success stories and inspirational journeys like none other! We, pride ourselves with an epic guestlist of International Speakers, Journalists, Celebrities, Politicians, Decision Makers, CEOs, Entrepreneurs, Visionaries and many others!

Entrepreneurs and great Visionaries have been at the front line of innovation and today constantly spearhead news headlines around the globe. We are therefore bringing on stage 50 carefully selected Speakers and hundreds of VIP guests at a historic event at the elegant Meistersingerhalle in Nuremberg, Germany! The birth of something unique which brings the world to Germany and a vision set up for many many generations to come!

The next grand event which takes place in the October 9th 2021, shall welcome on stage these 50 Speakers representing 50 Nations and loads of surprises for all! In the highly inspirational line up planned, the array of talks covers a wide spectrum of life changing themes and addresses an international audience of great-minded people with stellar professional backgrounds! Both local and international media is invited to grace this special day!


The organizing team shall be delighted to welcome YOU in the hall when history is made! Does this fall in line with YOUR passion of speaking on stage or being one of our VIP Guests? Maybe YOU are interested in sharing the stage with 49 other nationalities and over 500 guests at our next event?

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We look forward to welcoming you all! Tell a friend to tell a friend!


Miranda OBEN
Software Engineer & International Moderator